Never Let Your Fluids In Your Cars Get Out Of Hand Again

Without the various fluids found throughout your vehicle, you wouldn’t be able to operate that vehicle as you regularly would. Let’s touch over one of the most popular fluids in vehicles, including its effects on the vehicles it inhabits.

Motor oil is the bread and butter of vehicle fluid. Locate the dipstick, typically earmarked by a red, orange, or otherwise bright indicator. Pull the dipstick out of its sheath, wipe it off firmly, then quickly stick it in and then promptly retract it. You should be able to read the level of oil in your engine with the dipstick, typically featuring two round dots or a line that marks the oil level.

If it doesn’t look like there is any oil on the dipstick, immediately pour a quart in until there is oil on the dipstick. Now, go for an oil change.

Want to learn about motor oil or any other fluids in your car or truck? Come through to Woltz & Wind Ford and let us assist you.

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