How to Tell When It's Time to Get Your Tires Checked

If a vehicle is driven a typical number of miles, tire tread will wear down after 3-4 years. Maintaining optimal tread and pressure, regardless of how often you drive, not only keeps you safer when you're on the road, it also minimizes wear on your vehicle and improves gas mileage. But how can you tell when your tires need attention?

For starters, soft tires are likely underinflated. This creates resistance, makes your vehicle work harder, and reduces the cushioning that protects your car. As for tread, modern tires display a cross-tread pattern when depth reduces to 2/32-inch. If you see this, your tires are past their prime.

Finally, there's the penny test. Stick a penny into the tread groove with Abe upside down. If you see Mr. Lincoln's head, bring your vehicle to our service center at Woltz & Wind Ford to have your tires inspected to determine if it's time for new ones.

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