Why You Need to Regularly Maintain Your Transfer Case

Although your vehicle's transfer case is something you probably do not think about, it is a critical part of driving performance. Most four-wheel drives and all-wheel-drive vehicles have a transfer case. Without it, your truck or SUV would just be a two-wheel drive.

When you regularly maintain your transfer case, you are ensuring that all the components affected by it are running at efficient levels. Whether you use your four-wheel drive all the time or never, you still need to keep up with regular maintenance. If you never use your 4x4, your transfer case still rotates and distributes power. Start by checking your transfer case's fluid level. It holds just under two quarts of fluid, and that fluid is in charge of lubricating and cooling the bearings, shafts, chains, and gears that make up your vehicle's drivetrain.

Do you need more information on regularly maintaining your transfer case? Schedule a vehicle service today at Woltz & Wind Ford, and let one of our automotive techs give you all the information you need.

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