Technology Features That Transform the New Ford Taurus

When you are in the market for a new vehicle, one thing you have to consider are the safety features throughout. Here at Woltz & Wind Ford, we wanted to talk about two technology features in the all-new Ford Taurus that have made this one of the more popular full-size sedans in the industry.

The side mirrors on the all-new Ford Taurus will begin to flash when the Blind Spot Information System identifies another vehicle in an adjacent lane behind your vehicle. This visual warning is followed by several sound alerts so you make no mistake which lane to avoid while you are holding your position.

The Enhanced Active Park Assist feature in your all-new Ford Taurus was designed to make parking easier. Sensors are activated when you need to find a parking space, alerting you when one is located. Shift, brake, and accelerate, the vehicle will steer itself so it fits perfectly in that space.



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