Technology Features You'll Want to See in the Ford Fusion Energi

The all-new Ford Fusion Energi has become that popular plug-in hybrid due to some of these technology features.

The Cross-Traffic Alert system that is equipped in the new Ford Fusion Energi makes driving the vehicle in reverse much safer. Once you shift in reverse, rear sensors monitor both sides of the road for traffic and warn you with a flashing side mirror, chime, or message on the center console screen.

One way that the new Ford Fusion Energi is making your drive safer is by way of the radar system that monitors the surface of the road for possible drifting. The lane-keeping system sends a series of pulses to the steering wheel like when you drive over the rumble strips on the shoulder of the road.

Pick your favorite color and then take the new Ford Fusion Energi for a test drive when you get over to Woltz & Wind Ford this week.

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