Luxurious Amenities Included in the New Ford EcoSport

The new Ford EcoSport is a perfect example of what a compact crossover should be. Stylish finishes, abundant seating for friends and family, and the driving feel of a much smaller sports car make the EcoSport the epitome of its vehicle class.

During the design process, no detail was overlooked. A leather shift knob, an elegant and stylish Ebony interior, and eight large beverage holders ensure that every drive is both comfortable and relaxing. For the driver's safety, their seat is raised for a better view of the road. In addition, eight individual Bang & Olufsen speakers are placed throughout the vehicle to emulate a surround sound effect. This system is made with natural materials and distinctive design, and comes standard with the EcoSport Titanium.

The Ford EcoSport is available for a test drive today. Just stop in at Woltz & Wind Ford and we will be happy to take you out on the road in this great vehicle!



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