The Astounding Ford Edge ST

For 2020, the new Ford Edge will be bringing a lot to the table. This performance-based SUV comes directly from the Ford Performance Team, and it surely delivers on all promises.

First and foremost, the exterior of this machine is menacing as well as elegant in styling. This contrasting difference in aesthetics has created a unique look. The front fascia has been precisely designed with an intricately styled front grille and stunning LEDS. The rear of the vehicle is very crisp and refreshing thanks to its lack of clutter. From a visual standpoint, you won't find any weaknesses with its façade. The interior of the SUV is open and airy. Consumers can expect to get over 50 cubic-feet of cargo volume, and the seats are laced in perforated leather. There's also a stunning moonroof that's huge in sheer size.

Come and test drive the new Ford Edge ST after speaking with our knowledgeable reps.


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