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Why You Need to Regularly Maintain Your Transfer Case

Although your vehicle's transfer case is something you probably do not think about, it is a critical part of driving performance. Most four-wheel drives and all-wheel-drive vehicles have a transfer case. Without it, your truck or SUV would just be a two-wheel drive.

When you regularly maintain your transfer case, you are ensuring that all the components affected by it are running at efficient levels. Whether you use your four-wheel drive all the time or never, you still need to keep up with regular maintenance. If you never use your 4x4, your transfer case still rotates and distributes power…

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Keep Your Headlights Properly Maintained

If your headlights make it difficult to see when you drive at night, it is time to change that. Bring your vehicle to us here at Woltz & Wind Ford soon so that we can service your vehicle and get those headlights brighter.

Even if you seldom drive at night, you want to make sure that you can see. Your headlights also make it possible for…

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How to Tell When It's Time to Get Your Tires Checked

If a vehicle is driven a typical number of miles, tire tread will wear down after 3-4 years. Maintaining optimal tread and pressure, regardless of how often you drive, not only keeps you safer when you're on the road, it also minimizes wear on your vehicle and improves gas mileage. But how can you tell when your tires need attention?

For starters, soft tires are likely underinflated. This creates resistance, makes your vehicle work harder, and reduces the cushioning that protects your car. As for tread, modern tires display a cross-tread pattern when depth reduces to 2/32-inch.

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Why Does Your Car Need Windshield Wiper Fluid?

It's obvious that your car needs windshield wipers that are great quality, so that rain or snow can be removed from the window immediately. You need to be able to see clearly while you're driving, and windshield wipers help to keep you safe while operating your vehicle. However, it's also very important that you have the right windshield wiper fluid in your car for safe driving in cold or rainy weather.

Windshield wiper fluid is formulated to freeze slower than ice or snow, which means that the liquid can easily remove ice from your windshield and make…

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Safety Tips For Your Next Road Trip

Whether your road tripping to the next town over or to a whole other state, making sure to check that your car is properly functioned is a must for a well-planned road trip. At our dealership, our mission is to make sure that your next road is fun and enjoyable, but always safe and stress-free. Some of the things that will help you have a safe road trip are:

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