Technology Features of the 2018 Ford C-MAX

Having upgraded technology features is absolutely necessary for a compact hybrid in 2018. You will now learn about the most up-to-date technology features that pushes your vehicle from the past into the present.

The first technology feature we are going to discuss is the SYNC 3 navigation system displayed on a high-compatibility HD touchscreen. It has an easy-to-use voice activation and responsive system. 

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Stop and Accident Before It Happens with the Alerts on the Ford Explorer

Who wouldn't want to be alerted before something bad happened? Can you imagine if a technology feature could warn you of a collision and even prevent it from happening? Well, that's exactly what the Ford Explorer, a popular three-row SUV can do for you with its technology features.

Be alerted before you run into the car in front of you with the collision warning on the cruise control. 

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The 2018 Ford Focus ST Is Loaded with Technology Features

You will have access to a variety of technology features in the brand-new Ford Focus ST. One of these is the FordPass. This lets you reserve parking ahead of time, see fuel prices and do a whole lot more through your smartphone.

Another technology feature available in the Ford Focus ST is the standard one or optional two USB smart charging ports.

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2018 Ford Escape: Everything You Need and Much More!

The 2018 Ford Escape is a popular SUV choice for a good reason. You get everything you need and all the interior features that you want in an SUV!

The Escape is equipped with a standard rearview camera that allows you to keep an eye on what's behind the vehicle as you're slowly backing up. The rearview camera technology was designed as a safety feature but it also helps you navigate parking much better.

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What You Need to Know About the Ford F-150 Raptor’s Interior

The interior of the Ford F-150 Raptor provides you with convenience and comfort. Not only do you get bucket seats in the front and a rear folding seat in the back, but you also get various optional features. For example, you can easily add heat and ventilation to the front seats.

You’re going to love the reverse sensing system and the 4.2” productivity screen. You can enjoy a screen that will show you all that’s going on with your truck. Plus, there’s an entertainment system, a full instrument panel of gauges and meters, and more.

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Take a Closer Look at These Ford Taurus Design Features

One of the reasons that the all-new Ford Taurus is growing in popularity as a dependable full-size sedan is the unique design features. These are two features you will surely appreciate.

Exclusive to the all-new Ford Taurus SHO is the high-intensity discharge headlamps. These lights will make it easier for other drivers to see your vehicle during inclement weather. These lights will turn on automatically in low-light settings or if you need to turn on the windshield wipers.

Each of the Taurus models come standard with the LED Taillamps too. These lights burn brighter...

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Explore the Design Features of the Ford Edge

Ford first presented their quirky midsize SUV, the Edge, in 2007. It has remained a popular choice due in part to the Ford design team’s innovative styling. The 2018’s design features the availability of an SEL Sports Appearance Package.

The exterior’s statement is complete with aerodynamic styling that includes Ford's exclusive front grille detail, dark headlamps, and a rear spoiler. Additionally, the sporty appeal is completed with the Edge’s 19-inch wheel design. The style statement is continued on the interior as well.

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Avoid Side Traffic with Ford Focus BLIS

It can be hard for drivers to see the cars on either side of their vehicle. This can lead to an accident as the car careens into a neighbor car. You can avoid all of these problems with the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS).

When you are driving a well-equipped Ford Focus, BLIS can alert you to vehicles that may not appear in your rearview or side mirrors. A simple icon shows you when a car is alongside your left or right flank. This tells you to stay straight and wait for a safer time to change lanes. Although no…

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Ford Fiesta ST Offers Dynamic Performance

The Ford Fiesta ST is a famed performance hatchback. Many drivers rely on this sturdy vehicle. It's associated with performance abilities that can give people additional tranquility. Its performance perks can help people who want to experience better control on the road. They can help people feel at ease in general while driving.

The Ford Fiesta ST gives people AdvanceTrac. This picks up on wheelslip and reacts by instantly employing the brakes. It focuses on engine torque as well. Drivers who often travel in times of rain may be attracted to the Ford Fiesta ST. 

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Ford Fusion: Safety When You Need it Most

Ford pulled out all the stops when it comes to safety when they created their line of Ford Fusion hybrids. Driver assist technology adds an extra set of eyes to the road and every driver can use an extra set of eyes sometimes.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid has sensors that will tell you about changing conditions that you might miss. It will tell you if you are too close to another vehicle, about pedestrians, if you are drifting out of your lane, and will even keep an eye on your blind spots. 

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